Hi all,


DSpace 1.6.1 development has started!


With the release of DSpace 1.6, the DSpace developer community is now focusing attention on the next major release, DSpace 1.7, and on DSpace 1.6.1, which will be a minor release to fix any bugs found in DSpace 1.6.0.


I've volunteered to be Release Coordinator for 1.6.1, so to start things off I thought I'd describe what we're hoping to achieve with this version and how you can help!


DSpace 1.6.1 will not introduce any new features. The only patches that will be accepted for inclusion are those that fix bugs affecting DSpace 1.6.0.


At the last DSpace Developers' IRC meeting, it was decided to release 1.6.1 in early May. That gives us about a month to fix as many bugs as possible. Any patches that are not submitted in time for 1.6.1 can be submitted for inclusion for 1.6.2.


Proactive testers, users and developers have been reporting bugs on JIRA (http://jira.dspace.org) so the work has already begun!


Any questions? What to help, but not sure how? There are a number of ways people can get involved, regardless of skills or experience:


-    Register an account at http://jira.dspace.org to report new bugs (“issues”), test patches and submit your own

-    Collaborate with users and developers on the dspace-devel and dspace-tech mailing lists

-    Join us in #duraspace at Wednesday 20:00 UTC for the DSpace Developers IRC meeting

-    Email me directly with any 1.6.x-related questions, comments, or offers of help


If you’ve already noticed some bugs on JIRA that you think you can fix, let me know ASAP and I’ll ensure you’re assigned to that issue. I’d also love to hear from any experienced developers who want to put their hands up as “general volunteers”, so if we have any unassigned JIRA issues after our weekly review, they can find a home.


I’ll be keeping the community updated, mainly via the IRC meetings, but hopefully I’ll get time to send a few progress reports out to dspace-devel as well.


Notes for developers and testers:


1.7.0 and 1.6.1 will be developed in parallel, which has a few implications for developers and testers when it comes to writing and testing patches, updating local SVN repositories, and committing code to the DSpace codebase.


The SVN branch for DSpace 1.6.x is here:




Development for Dspace 1.7.0 will continue in trunk:




Virtually all patches accepted for 1.6.1 will also need to be tested against, modified if necessary, and committed to 1.7.0.


No feature additions or improvements will be committed to the 1.6.x branch.


As development for Dspace 1.7.0 progresses, we may encounter situations where a fix for a bug needs to be implemented quite differently in each version, so we will need to be vigilant with our testing and prepared to submit two patch versions where they differ.


Test instances


I’ll endeavour to get snapshots of 1.6.x branch built and served somewhere so that community members who don’t have the time/resources to set up their own test server can still help confirm bugs, test patches and so on.






Kim Shepherd

IRR Technical Specialist

ITS Systems & Development

The University of Waikato

New Zealand


DDI +64 7 838 4025