That is exactly what the index browse feature is for.  If you browse on the term “UTAD” in the description field you should see how to search on it.




From: [] On Behalf Of orlando carvalho
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2007 1:47 PM
Subject: [Dspace-tech] search term


Hi there!
i have a problem using the search resource !
I submitted items in dspace and in the description e wrote: "[UTAD - Universidade de trás-os-montes e Alto Douro]"!
Now i want to reach those items by searching for that field (description) and i can´t do it!
I don´t know if i'am using in the right way the search utility but i think that it might be the search term:S!
How would it be the term to search for "[UTAD - Universidade de trás-os-montes e Alto Douro]" in the description field?
help wold be very welcome:)!

Orlando Carvalho