Not only this, but with the work I am planing for discovery, we need events for all the workflow stages and state changes (withdrawn, submitted, etc) ... 

Actually, What I really want to see that would align with the EventService more clearly is that there is no "fixed" list of Event types to choose from.  But that Events either be typed by a java interface or even more simply by a simple string or URI type identifier.  I think the later would allow for endusers to define new event types in their XMLUI or other addons without having to create java classes to represent them.  But those are just ideas, the important need is that the EventManager or Event object "not" exert draconian rule over what Events are allowed in the system and just passes any event onto its listener... Much the way the EventService is designed to operate.

So a longer term question is, how do we align the EvenManager to be more like the EventService.  And the steps to do that are going to look something like

1.)  "masking" EventManager behind the EventService initially as an EventListener
2.) , replacing all calls to EventManager with calls to EventService
3.) finally rewriting EventConsumers to be EventListeners and dropping EventManager altogether from the codebase.


On May 28, 2010, at 9:26 AM, Mark H. Wood wrote:

Most DSpace objects are created within the repository all at once.
Items appear to be unique in that they are created, exist for a while
within a workflow, and then enter the repository proper.  There
doesn't seem to be an Event type for the transition from workflow to
repository.  CREATE happens when the Item is created; ADD is already
sent *for the enclosing Collection* when the Item enters its
Collection, which it might do in several different circumstances.

I need to detect the entry of Items into the repository as part of
mirroring new/updated content into DuraCloud.  I think this will
require a new Event type.  Call it 'Event.INSTALL'.  Am I mistaken?

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