Hi Mark,
Your suggestion - stopping tomcat, wiping the work directory, and restarting tomcat - worked.  Now the parenthetical numbers for the facets match the number or results.

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We determined that there were issues with some of the page caching in the 1.7.x release of dspace. We have been working to correct this in the next release.  you might try stopping your tomcat instance. wiping yout tomcat work directory and restarting tomcat, then tell us if your results are corrected or if you are still encountering problems.


On Tuesday, September 27, 2011, Isaak, David C <David.Isaak@kpchr.org> wrote:
> After my latest batch upload, the Discovery facets are acting strange and I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions.  I am running 1.7.1. 
> An example of the problem: on the home page, an individual facet will display with 218 hits in parenthesis.  When I click on the facet, however, only 130 items are returned.  I exported the metadata to Excel to manually check and 218 is the correct number.  This is happening on a number of facets, but not all of them.  Is this a cache problem?
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