Interesting.  I just looked at Items I just imported and I did NOT specify what any of these 3 fields should be in dublin_core.xml – they all got set by DSpace (version 1.7.1).  It’s interesting that date.issued is the only one with a different format:

DC Field                                 Value                                       Language                2011-12-20T18:59:53Z           -                     2011-12-20T18:59:53Z           -                         2011-12-20                              -


I wonder if maybe this is the problem….?




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Subject: RE: [Dspace-tech] search can't sort by date issued


I believe I saw an issue like this a while back in 1.6.2, when issue date was missing the trailing ‘Z’.



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On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 8:46 AM, Bram Luyten <> wrote:

My very wild guess would be that it's related to a value in date issued that breaks the creation of the index on this value.


That's a very good guess! I haven't yet gotten around to building a dspace with some more debugging around the search code to see what's actually happening, but this is very plausible.


Looking the our DB,  there were a few non-ISO format dates, and a couple nulls. I updates the bad format dates, removed the nulls, and reindexed, but search by date issued still doesn't work. Do all the dates need to be in a more specific format? (like full ISO: 2000-01-12T12:13:14Z).





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