I have an odd problem with MediaFilter. Some of the PDFs which all came off of microfilm have some searchability, even though the text files are blank and there is nothing in the metadata that would allow for these searched words to be found. But they still get found. It’s very odd.


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Hi Shawna,


If I undestand correctly your first question, you seem to have some PDFs with text files related to them. If those text files are simple files, media-filter will be able to index them.

You can consider that if media-filter creates an empty text file from a PDF, then it means it wasn't able to retrieve anything from it.


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Thanks Stephanie,
Just to be clear, does the MediaFilter grab the text file which is
attached to the PDF, if the PDF has a text file?

So, if the PDF is simply an image, then MediaFilter will create a blank

Is this correct?

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