Good Afternoon,

We are a VPS/Cloud hosting provider ( that specializes in providing pre-configured installations of various web applications to our users.  We've recently implemented our 'DotBlock Marketplace' which provides a means for developers such as yourself to receive $100 for every installation of your software on our cloud.  

Many projects would be an excellent fit for our program, allowing you to offer to your users a SAAS turnkey solution via your site and also generate additional revenue.  The user would have access to a pre-configured cloud VPS with systems administrator level access within minutes.

Our web designers would work in tandem with someone on your end to provide you with a custom landing page on our site to help with sales and promotions.  Most of our developers choose to link to us from a 'hosting' section of their site, or otherwise promote the link to users of their software to help increase sales of their stack.

An example, along with more information on the DotBlock Marketplace, can be found at . If you have any questions, comments, concerns or would like to speak with us further regarding the program, please contact us at any time as we'd love to work with you on this.  We can be reached via email, or phone at (866) 932-4550 (1-518-631-5111 internationally).

Thank you for your time, we look forward to working with you!



-Dustin Lance

DotBlock Account Executive-