It is unclear if the dspace 1.5 branch is in a state of lock-down pertaining to "new features" it would be beneficial if RIchard Jones or Scott Philips would clarify the status of the branch and update the release timeline for those of us who still are interested in getting certain changes in place. 

We've had a couple requests for inclusion of work into the branch, including the following:

1.) dspace-sword prototype added as a module
2.) the AIP prototype changes to the Packager framework

Can we get some clarification/consensus on if these projects should be allowed to go forward in the branch?

I'll also comment that I am midstream in making some changes to the X509 Authentication service selection so that is shows in chooser.jsp and is corresponding aspect in Manakin.  There is an assumption in the codebase that X509 Certificate Authentication is always implicit and this causes shortcomings in the implementation for sites that use X509 and want the user to select it from a list of possible options. I expect to have this work completed within the next day or so.


Mark R. Diggory - DSpace Systems Manager
MIT Libraries, Systems and Technology Services
Massachusetts Institute of Technology