Hi Michael,
We are using DSpace to provide an ETD service.  The collaborative side of this work is relatively basic but we have written some code to allow for supervision of submissions by a group of advisors/supervisors and have worked out a workflow which suits the Edinburgh (and hopefully therefore the UK's) theses submission process.  It would be a small conceptual (as opposed to coding) step to alter the code we have written to be for collaborative as opposed to supervised authoring of documents.  A new version of our software will be out very shortly, so you could have a look at that if it interests you.  In the mean time, you can have a read about what we've been up to at: http://www.thesesalive.ac.uk/
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I am interested in whether any institutions have used DSpace for collaborative research. Examples might include instances of ETDs allowing submission, review and approval; project management instances allowing submissions and updates from multiple group members; course, lab or project notebooks. We have yet to install the DSpace software but intend to do so soon with a pilot project that we hope can include one of these types of collaborative research efforts.

Thanks in advance for any information.

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