I am writing to inquire whether you, as an institution who uses DSpace for your institutional repository, would be interested in answering some of my questions for a research assignment.   I am currently a doctoral student at University of North Texas; I am also a manager of Acquisitions and Interlibrary Loan at Dallas Public Library.   My research assignment is to analyze DSpace, and its effectiveness as an open source software program for institutions who use DSpace as an institutional repository.
If it is not an imposition on your time, would you mind answering some of my questions regarding DSpace?   Please reply privately to me and my email address is listed in the signature line.
1.  Since the launch of the DSpace in November 2002, how successful is the project as a digital institutional repository overall, not just for MIT Libraries but for other institutions? 
2.  According to the DSpace Instances website, there are 79 institutions using DSpace.  Is this an accurate figure?   What were MIT/HP's expectations of the number of institutions using DSpace when the project was launched?
3.  What is the general consenus on the perception of DSpace from the community at large?  
4.  After reading several articles and some threaded postings, it is my understanding that the Google Scholar has resulted in the cancellation of the project between DSpace and Google.   What are your thoughts on this subject?
5.  Could you describe any upcoming projects in relation to DSpace?
6.  As you look back, has DSpace met the developer's original expectations?  How will DSpace evolve in the next five years?
This is a question for MIT and Hewlett Packard:
As the colloboration between Hewlett Packard and MIT Libraries is approaching its fifth year, will the partnership continue beyond the five-year project?   What are the upcoming goals for the continuing partnership, if any? 

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Mary Jo Venetis
UNT Doctoral Student
Dallas Public Library