I have a query kindly provide a possible solution for the same.

1.       I have some Communities as Books , Periodicals , Events , Others.

               The default order is showing as :

                Books, Events, Others , Periodicals

                But I want the community to be displayed as:

               Books, Events,  Periodicals , Others

2.       Replace the name subject with Keywords from the Button(Subject) during search.

3.       Can new fields be added to the search criteria.(apart from  title , author  new fields like edition , volume etc.)

4.       show all the metadata fields in Simple record rather than clicking to the Show Full Item Record. And not include term dc.

Version : 1.8.2


Operating System: Windows



Thanks in Advance

Parul Dubey



From: Mark Ehle [mailto:markehle@gmail.com]
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Subject: [Dspace-tech] Command line add empty collection


Folks -

Is there a command line way to add an empty collection to an already existing community? The structure importer does not seem to be able to do this.

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