Hi all


Kindly suggest solution for the below mentioned points



Parul Dubey

From: Parul dubey [mailto:parul.dubey@itsl.in]
Sent: Friday, December 21, 2012 1:04 PM
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Dear All


Want to how is it possible to restrict the search criteria to particular fields as per Communities.

1.  For Ex: There are 3 communities

         Books  , Staff Members , Others.

1.   Books Community then searching would be on Author , Subject , Title(default Settings)

2.  Staff Members searching would be on Name , Designation (new metadata fields)

3.   Others searching on Event , Name of institution(new metadata fields)  .

2.  Also is there a possibility to restrict particular submission to users other than Admin.

For Example we have submitted 3 Items Item1 , Item2 , Item3

And want that other users donot view the Item3.

Kindly suggest solution.





Parul Dubey