Dear all,


my  Institute is planning to built an institutional repository. We are now in phase of choosing software and DSpace is one of the favorites.

We are all meeting this for the first time so I would really appreciate your help with this questions (for the latest version):



Are LOM IEEE and SCORM supported?


Which fields can be searched in advanced search and does iz support Boolean logic, truncation and word stemming?

Can searching field be customize?

Can subject classes be configured by us?


Are user registration and limited access by user type supported?

Is it possible to define multiple collections, with different access posibilities?

Can end-user deposit materials?


Is tagging, comments, reviews and sharing possible?

Can researchers have their own profile and communicate with one another?

Is alerting service supported?

Can registered user make his own bibliography?



Can man get a report of top downloads, number of uploads per research and similar statistics be?

Can a bulk of records be imported and in which format?


What kind of help/training is provided by implementation of software and its customization?

In what time approximately can it be  implemented?


Hope this won't be to time consuming for you and that you will find a few minutes to answer.

Thank you for your help!


Best regards,


Maja Starček

Library of Institute of Physics