Greetings everyone,


The OhioLINK Digital Resource Commons team is happy to provide a stock instance of DSpace 1.5 Beta for the Test-a-thon:


Please set aside a few minutes today to register and submit a couple of items to the system. It's easy!


Three Easy Steps

1. Register an account:

You will receive an email message with a confirmation link. Type in your first and last name, and a password. Once registration is finished, click on the Go To DRC Home Link.

2. Submit a File: Click on the DSpace 1.5 Beta collections link, --> the Open Collection link, and --> Submit a new item to this collection.

3. Step through the Item Submission process using the Next button at the bottom of the page. Feel free to skip fields that don't apply. Please try to include at a minimum the Title, Author, and Description of your upload.


If you run into any problems, you can login to the IRC chat and report them to the team of developers waiting to triage these bugs at:


Or you can list the bugs on the wiki at:


Or you can enter in the source forge bug tracker system at:


Thanks for making the test-a-thon a success.



John Davison

Assistant Director

Digital Resource Commons Development