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DSDX Library / News: Recent posts

Offline Docs are here!

Offline documentation 1.0.1 is now available for download! The scripts and styles are embedded in the htm, so only the documentation*.htm is needed. Online documentation will always reflect the most recent state of the releases / fixes in errata. Internet Explorer users need to allow scripts to run so that it appears correctly.

Posted by Jay Tennant 2010-07-30

New installation architecture

The DSDX Library is no longer registered and unregistered by the program. The user may install the appropriate dll package on their system by copying the contents to a folder and running the installer. To remove the dll's from the registry, an uninstaller may be used. After installation, all DSDX functionality will be available.

Posted by Jay Tennant 2010-07-28

DirectX 11 supported

DirectX 11 is now fully supported. Testing on DirectX 10 is still necessary.
There may be a problem with the Audio renderer. Further testing necessary.
Documentation will be coming soon.

Posted by Jay Tennant 2010-07-20

Initial status

The video renderer DSDX_VR9 is confirmed as working, though DSDX_VR10 and DSDX_VR11 are not confirmed. XAudio2 and the default DirectSound audio rendering is confirmed as working. The helper functions also work.

Documentation is lacking, but the full file release on the project is now available.

The DSDX_VR10 and DSDX_VR11 versions are getting an interface update by tomorrow, namely changing GetPresentationTexture() to GetPresentationResource(), and changing the returned D3D1*Texture2D pointer to a D3D1*ShaderResourceView pointer.

Posted by Jay Tennant 2010-07-16