#7 lv2-module doesn't restore selected drumkit

Holger Marzen

Hi Rui, in Qtractor I loaded drumkv1 as a lv2-module, created a drumkit and stored the session both in drumkv1 and in Qtractor.

When I restart Qtractor and load the .qtr-file then drumkv1 doesn't automatically load the drumkit.

I attached the .qtr-file

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  • please attach a .qtz version of the session in question.

    that way, each audio sample file for each drum element will bet bundled an the session will get bundled and possibly restored on any other machine, other than the one which it was saved.

    from your a.qtr file, after decompressing and decoding the correponding lv2-state chunk, i can confirm that the drum-kit which is there stored is defined as 3 elements, as follows:

    element key=51
    Erkans_Cymbals/Erkans Samples - Bosphorus Gold 22 Ride/Bosph_Gold_22_Ride-12.wav
    element key=53
    Erkans_Cymbals/Erkans Samples - Bosphorus Gold 22 Ride/Bosph_Gold_22_Ride_Bell-06.wav
    element key=59
    Erkans_Cymbals/Erkans Samples - Bosphorus Gold 22 Ride/Bosph_Gold_22_Ride_Bow-04.wav

    all these file locations are relative to the session directory (/home/hm/qtractor/default)--is that true?


  • Holger Marzen
    Holger Marzen

    The qtz file contained no sample files.

    I think I found the bug:

    • Drumkv1 writes the paths to the samples relative to the directory where the .drumkv1-file is written.

    • When loading the samples it uses the Qtractor session dir as the starting point and can't find the the samples.

    Creating a new .drumkv1-file in Qtractor's session dir was a workaround to the problem.

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