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I just "installed" druid and though it looks great, I
immediately noticed an annoying bug which I'm not too
sure how to describe. Basically, anywhere I move my
mouse cursor, the background gets screwed up. Most of
the time by simply retaining whatever appeared there a
second before. For instance, if I move my mouse over
the tree listing on the left, a little text will appear
describing what each entry is. But then, after this
label disappears, a little bit of it remains, and this
makes it hard to read what's underneath it.

The other symptom is when I hit a tab, it goes from
black to grey, but when I move the cursor down, the
middle of the tab goes back to black with a bit of grey
overlapping on the tab to the right. Very weird.

On a completely different topic, I also noticed some
missing help files. Those on "data generation", "JDBC
access" + the three tutorials (basic / dba / advanced).

That's it. Oh, I don't know if this can be of any use
to you, but I'm on Windows 95, version 4.00.950 B,
running with IE 5 5.50.4522.1800.


Alex S. Garcia.


  • Andrea Carboni
    Andrea Carboni

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    The artifacts you described are very strange indeed. You
    didn't specify the JVM (are you using IE 5 to run druid ?).

    I tested druid on Windows 98 + JVM 1.3 (from Sum) and it
    worked great (only a small refresh bug with popup options
    that open dialogs).

    Unfortunately, some chapters of the "druid's essentials"
    manual are still missing due to a lack of time (and
    patient!). If you have problems, please ask.


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    You mean you need to have a browser running? All I know is
    that I had to install JDK 1.3 for Druid to work, but that's
    pretty much it.

    Oh, and I just mentioned IE 5 in my previous message because
    it showed up in the info on my system. Figured it might be
    there for a reason :-) I don't actually use IE, though.
    Sorry for the confusion.

    Alex S. Garcia.

  • Andrea Carboni
    Andrea Carboni

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