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2.4.0 and extra fun

2.4.0 is out. Unicode, Shell Menu, Syntaxt Highlighting for C++/HTML, Loads of bugfixes.
Plus wxPython 2.5.1 works (save some important features, like the prompt, may not work until wxPython implements wxExecute() fully).

Also a new developer joined (who is responsible for the bulk of the unicode stuff).

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-04-13

DrPython CVS and wxPython 2.5.1

wxPython 2.5.1 is out, and it is delicious.

However (at least in the GTK2 version) the async option for wxExecute has not yet been implemented.

This means the prompt will not work.

If you don't use the prompt, then CVS (2.4.0)
should work fine with wxPython 2.5.1.

Otherwise, I recommend sticking to wxPython 2.4.2,
at least until wxPython 2.5.x matures.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-04-07

DrPython 2.3.0 Released

DrPython 2.3.0 is finally done.

The larger size is due to the new icons for the ToolBar.

In Summary:
Loads of Bugfixes and tweaks, plus Sessions, Find/Replace in Files, and A Customizable ToolBar.

See the ChangeLog for the juicy details.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-03-11

DrPython CVS

Thanks to the noble efforts of Chris M, (not only to set this up, but to teach me how to use cvs!), DrPython now uses cvs. Play at will!

(Check Out http://www.plope.com/Members/chrism/cvs_primer/view
for some info on cvs)

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-02-16

DrPython 2.2.3, New Developer

2.2.3 is out with right-clickity goodness.
Plus, a new developer has joined.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-02-15

DrPython 2.2.0

optional MDI mode, Revamped DrScript, Find Previous and Prompt on RE Replace, lots of bug fixes, tweaks to interface, preferences, and in general.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-02-08

DrPython Added to Debian

DrPython is now resting comfortably in Debian Unstable, thanks to Cdric Delfosse. apt-get install goodness!

Also, 2.1.9 released, minor bugfixes, scroll extra page and usetabs (prompt) added to preferences.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-01-30

DrPython 2.1.7

Oops. I guess I've been rather absentminded lately. In any case, I added some more goodies to the regular expression dialog. Enjoy.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-01-29

DrPython 2.1.5 Released

This version is polished. Custom loggers and documentation bookmarks have been added, obscure bugs squashed, and some gui niceties, including busy cursors at approriate times.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-01-28

DrPython 2.1.3

You no longer need to download win32all. Now the only dependencies are wxPython, and Python. Plus I tweaked/reoganized the interface a we bit, fixed some bugs, etc.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-01-27

DrPython 2.1.2 Released

Fixed some nasty find/RE/switcheroo bugs, added default find/replace/switcheroo settings to preferences, tweaked the interface, ad indentation guides, fixed some bugs with the class browser, etc.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-01-26

DrPython 2.1.1 Released

The RE Dialog has been redisigned, and all the commands now work, plus I added another one.
Also fixed a bug in find, and documentation browser now set to the proper default.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-01-25

DrPython 2.1.0 Released

Fixed some major bugs with printing, find.
Save state now updates window title correctly.

Added regular expression support to find/replace.
Add loggers.
Made code load extra dialogs on use, rather than at startup.
Added usestyles to prefs for document and prompt.
added menu access to documentation for python and wxwindows.

toolbar can now be removed during runtime.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-01-24

DrPython 2.0.5 Released

Printing is back (oops).
Also, DrScript added to Shortcuts,
and psyco is gone from the menu and documentation.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-01-18

DrPython 2.0.4 Released

Some more bugfixes, a startup script, and optional psyco support (you need psyco on your system).

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-01-18

2.0.3 Released

Fixed a load bug for windows 98, autoindent and clean up indentation now goes spaces->tabs or vice versa. Plus added some extra stuff, fixed some bugs, and speeded things up a tad.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-01-17

DrPython 2.0.2, Shortcuts, Donations

DrPython 2.0.2 is out, with some nice bugfixes.
NOTE: YOU MUST RESET YOUR SHORTCUTS IF YOU ARE UPGRADING FROM 2.0.0 or later. Sorry, but I had to do it to rework the shortcuts, and now they work ever so much better.

Also, donations to the project go to North Star, and you can donate to individual developers as well.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-01-08

DrPython 2.0.0 Released

DrPython 2.0.0 Released.
Bugfixes, plus new features:
Bookmarks, Folding, DrScript, Class Browser, Printing, Customizable Shortcuts, and more!

Plus the website has been revamped.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2004-01-07

New Developer, Quotes, and 2.0 on the way

Drpython just added a new developer,
who wrote the mac os launcher for drpy.

Also, I am looking for feedback on the project. What do you like, what don't you like? Would you be willing to submit a quote for publicity use on the main page?

I've started work on 2.0.0
I've got printing up, making the code more modular,
working on preference file format, adding themes, and possily reworking the gui, adding bookmarks, a class browser?, folding.... read more

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2003-12-17

DrPython 1.1.7 Released

Two bugfixes. Sweet Relief.
Hot off the proverbial press.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2003-10-29

DrPython 1.1.6

Bugfixes (view whitespace works again!)
plus an option to comment out/uncomment out selections
of code.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2003-09-24

DrPython 1.1.5 Released

Updated Documentation, caught an exception.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2003-09-13

DrPython 1.1.4 Released, Bug Fixed

The submitted bug has been squashed.
Documentation has been updated too.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2003-09-13

DrPython 1.1.3 Released

Fixed a major and nasty bug with replace-all, it now works fine.

Plus, I added a blurb to help to support North Star,
(a learning center for teens) the locus of inspiration for this program, to the help html files.

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2003-09-11

DrPython 1.1.2 + Mac OS X

DrPython 1.1.2 has been released. bugfixes plus makes
setting preferences smoother.

Plus, it has been reported that DrPython works on Mac OS X!

Posted by Daniel Pozmanter 2003-09-06