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#14 Simple Debugger: Add a stack tab to the Debugger Panel

Matthew Thornley

Display the stack in a list control in a separate tab
on the Debugger Panel, similar to VisualStudio.
Double-clicking on an item in the stack list should
open the function at that stack level.


    • status: open --> closed
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    This is probably not going to happen.

    Simple Debugger is not meant to be a full featured gui debugger.
    Just a gui step through, with access to watch variables.

    I will start a discussion on adding a full scale debugger in
    the developers forum.

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    Okay, that's understandable. If the other bugs that I
    reported are fixed, then Simple Debugger should certainly be
    usable. It's not very usable today due to the break points
    not working.

    I would suggest modeling a full featured debugger off of
    HapDebugger. It's got some problems, but it's the best free
    debugger available for Windows, IMO.

    A full featured debugger will certainly set DrPython apart
    from anything else out there!

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    I got to the other bugs (although the breakpoints bit, while
    technically fixed, is still not ideal). I have looked at
    HAP, and while it is definitely excellent, I was under the
    impression it was windows only. If it isn't, I would be
    more than willing to start work on writing a HAP plugin.

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    The reason I brought up HAP is precisely because it is
    Windows only. I've been looking for a decent, free,
    multi-platform debugger as a substitute for HAP. This is the
    primary reason for my interest in DrPython.

    BTW I tried to use SimpleDebugger 0.0.5 with DrPython 3.7.8.
    First of all, installing from SourceForge is broken. I tried
    the South Carolina mirror, if that's relavant. I was able to
    install locally, after downloading the plugin manually.
    After installing SimpleDebugger, I tried to debug a
    document, but none of the toolbar buttons do anything. I'll
    try again after the holidays.