• CopyCutPasteExtend 1.0.6:
    new: "Multiple ClipBoards"

    last 20 clipboard entries are saved.

    * get next/previous entry
    * show clipboard list
    * copy word under cursor to clipboard

  • The Multiple Clipboards thing is sweet.

  • many thanks, it always does good to get some feedback
    (even it this is a critic).


  • Some things, that annoyed me several times.

    example: you have a file with tabs and unix line endings.
    then you copy for instance from demo, which
    is on windows with crlf and spaces.
    after paste, the file is mixed with spaces and tabs and line endings lf and crlf.

    So I made an option in copycutpasteexend.
    It tries to accommodate to the current tab or spaces
    and to change the text to the current line endings.
    I called this preference "AdjustText".


  • This has annoyed me as well, and has been on my todo list forever(I'm lazy).  I think I may adapt this into the core, as it seems like a very important feature.