CodeCompletion questions

  • drigz

    When opening something like wx. CodeCompletion delays for a second or so while opening the file. As it does this every time, I was wondering if it could be cached for large namespaces? Great tool though - my friend thought he was so cool with his intellisense...

    Also, function prototypes would be nice too, although I understand that with weak typing their use would be limited.


    • interesting idea!
      How long does it take about (untile autocomplete list appears)?
      On my 2 GHz, it takes no more than a second.
      You can also lay a shortcut to quickly switch on/off code completition.

      You can also submit a patch -:)

    • Caching is cool.  Unfortunately, much work remains on the core, so this is not high on my priority list, but it is definitely worth doing.