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  • New Version 0.0.9:

      - Added own replace dialog
          - Why another Replace Dialog?
            - On the original Replace, you have press "S" and "enter" to skip.
                Here you can use enter for "intelli" or "normal" replace and simply "S" for Skip
            - Often, I replaces an unwanted text in the hurry.
              So I set up a "Undo Last" Replace. It undoes that replace and jumps to the postition, where
                it was before.
            - Hide the find/replacefialog, when replacing; it looks more tidy.
            - Intelli Replace:
              if findtext is the same length as replacetext, then the case is adjusted to the findstring:
                example: search: "hello", replace "bye!!"
                  hello => byeee
                  Hello => Byeee
                  beLLo => byEEe
              otherwise: if first char is uppercase, then the first character in replacetext will be also uppercase
                         if all chars are lowercase, then all the chars in the replacetext will be also lowercase
                         if all chars are uppercase, then all the chars in the replacetext will be also uppercase
              (it is to await, how it stands the test in the practice)

    more in changelog.txt