Py2Exe for DrPy

  • Hi, I've created a py2exe batch file:
    i created in drpython home directory
    Scripts and plugins are not working, but for the first introduction for new interests without
    python and wxPython:

    <python.exe> py2exe -w -f

    from distutils.core import setup
    import py2exe
    import glob

          data_files=[('bitmaps', glob.glob("bitmaps\\*.*")),
                      ('bitmaps/16', glob.glob("bitmaps\\16\\*.*")),
                      ('bitmaps/24', glob.glob("bitmaps\\24\\*.*"))]

    The result with pyd and dlls and bitmaps was 11,3 MB big (!)
    with zip i got it to 4,57 MB and with 7z ultra comression to 3,45 MB

    traceback would be interesting to redirect into a file, if possible.
    I have the impression, with exe, the startup of drpython is faster, but I can err, of coursee.

    • What about uploading once the base (pyd, dlls, bitmaps), than
      updating only changed files (mostly the exe and eventually bitmaps file)
      this would cause once a download of 3,5 MB with 7z compression
      or for people without 7zip the 4,6 MB zip file (I'm not sure,
      if one can make a self-extractin 7z exe file, this would be the best; such as zip2exe)
      , then updating (this would cause only download the exe about 800k to 1 MB).

      exe and changed bitmaps could be packed separatly in the following versions.

      interesting: exe drpython.exe file.
      it has 875k, zip is 845k and 7z and bz2 are both 851k
      (zip is here slighly smaller than 7z and bz2)

      but this size to download is no tragic, and i would offering
      this exe file not to often (only on a major or important updates).

      Ah, I found: "7z a -sfx7z.sfx a.exe * -r" can generate an exe.

    • Hi, I have one suggesteion for the structure (here is a prototype):

      To download the base ( here with 7z.)
      (my current stand (wxpython (some intemediant developer version, but for the tryout all the same and python 2.3.3))

      1) updates since first upload of the core (this means exe and changed bitmaps, ...) exe and new files and txt file of removed files
      2) updates since last upload of the core (this means exe and changed bitmaps, ...) exe and new files and txt file of removed files
        suggestion (structure)
          1. since beginning (exe, 2. removed file)
          2. since last update (exe, 2. removed file)
      Maybe we could create a new download section for pyexe files (refers only to windows)
        with the base of drpython-base-runtime.7z (then one should pay attention to have the same python version
        (2.4) and the last wxPython ( as the current state.

      what thoughts?

    • Well, first, I have a patch from Christophe I haven't gotten to yet.

      As far as this, yes, I think this is an excellent step!
      The download size is a huge detriment, however.
      As for plugins and scripts:  This may be a deal breaker, it may not.

      As far as I know, freezing python code does not really aide performance.  (Accoridng to the pydocs anyway).  Maybe a new download section would be good (the question is how often would it be updated).

      So the question is how much easier will this make the installation of drpy?  I think it would be great as an option, although I am not terribly interested in maintaining a windows only binary  (Especially uploading upwards of 4 meg every single time I update!).

    • Out of curiosity, where did the .exe in 3.10.7 come from?

      • I have uploaded Win installer versions for the current version respectively. With my modified they can be created very easily. It should be possible to create RPMs with the new as well, haven't checked it yet.

        I think it would be also interesting to offer a selfextracting "standalone/demo" Win version as Frank suggested, for real newbies who are reluctant to install Python and wxPython and just want to play around with the program to see whether they would like it.

    • Ok, as for the structure:

      I think, the main benefit here is being able to download one exe, and just run it.  So dividing this up, or using a format that may not be evenly supported on win32, would not be best.  Which means (unless you can figure out something clever with a self-extracting file), we'd need to take the size hit.

    • Ms-Windows Executable:

      So my first attemp with self extractable files.

      for Ms-Windows users, who don't have installed Python and wxPython
      Restricted Version (without scripts and plugins)
      This executables are based on Python 2.4, wxPython and currently DrPython 3.10.8.
      the runtime is 2,96 MB and the exe 0,68 MB large (complete about 3,7 MB)
      Only start both exes and extract it to the same directory, and start DrPython.exe.
      I want to update rarely, it should only show an outline, what Drpython has to offer.
      in the section:

      Ms-Windows Executable