copy from prompt

  • a_barbosa

    Hi Franz,

    In version 163 you have removed copy/cut/paste from edit menu.

    Because of that (why?) I can't copy text from prompt area.

    Explaining better:

    When I open DrPython for the first time, everything works ok.
    But after run a script, if I try to select some text from prompt area (traceback) the clipboard doesn't change (I can't paste it)

    If I add the copy/cut/paste in the edit menu, everything works as it should!

    Have you the same problem?

    Here wxPy 2.8 Unicode

    Antonio Barbosa

    • Hello Antonio.
      That was not good, I will add it again in the next version.

      I thought, this makes no change (because I could not use my
      Keyboard macros plugin for copy/paste, ...)

      At the moment I do not know, why.

      Yes, I have the same problems, thank you for reporting that.