Encoding Mess

  • Here is the problem:

    On the non unicode version of wxpython, encoding *just works*.  Non ascii stuff displays correctly, etc.

    On the unicode version, doing the wrong thing can lead to a segfault.

    While my solution fixes the segfault bit,
    it means you now need to know what encoding you use even if you use the non unicode version.


    1.  I could add EVERY encoding listed in the python docs as an option in the prefs dialog, and in the file dialog.

    2.  I could have drpython discretely check wxPython for unicode support, and only check the encoding if it is found.

    I think 2 might be a good idea.  What thoughts?

    (In the event of 2, I would change the documentation to read:

    AutoDetect Unicode,
    Default Encoding,
    Only worry about these if your version of wxPython has unicode support built in.  If you have the ansi version, do not worry about it.)