Free Hosting

  • The cool folks over at have offered
    to buy us a domain name, and offer free hosting for the project.

    What thoughts (besides "woot!")?

    Personally, I do not want to move the project from sourceforge, or change the name for the homepage (, as it is now easy to find.

    However I think this might be ideal for setting up a community site for plugins and scripts., or some such.

    It also might be a very useful tool for distributing plugins, or making it easier to edit the plugin list.

    What thoughts?

    • Marek Kubica
      Marek Kubica

      What about or net (there can be a link to, or can have a meta-refresh to
      This is a very nice offering, big thanks to

      What about switching to SVN? I would know a good administrated server, with HTTPS transport, ViewCVS+SVN and such.

    • It is a very nice offering.

      In terms of subversion, we haven't been making use of cvs as of late, so that alone would not be a reason.
      (Unless we suddenly decide to, or if the translation efforts require a lot of people to work on the core program at once).

      In which case, from what I have been reading about subversion that would be a huge plus  (using it instead of cvs).