I'll be gone for a week or so.
3.0.8 is in cvs, but I probably won't release anything unless a fairly major bug comes up.

I plopped some ideas for 3.1.0 into the to do list.
I think we can integrate the drshell menu into drscript.  I think I will finally get around to making my own message dialog, to behave the way I want.

At first (1.0.0), I used the standard dialog, but there were some serious focus errors.  I switched to my own dialog, then decided the built in message dialog was best (I figure letting the user highlight the error message is the best policy).

However the ok button is not bound to the <ENTER> key, which I want to change.  So, I think I will make my own dialog.

What thoughts?
What would you like to see added/removed/changed?