Plug-in interface

  • liyinghui

    It's the time that we should design some plug-in interface. Along with the growing of the DrPython, functions are added more and more, and some functions' interfaces are similar , like menu, shortcut. When adding one function like these, we'd change sereral places, like adding menu, adding shortcut, adding dealing code, etc. Furthermore, these places are dispersive, nor concentrated, thus changing the code may not so  easy. If we have a plug-in interface, so maintaining the code are much easier and are concentrated. I think we could provide some plug-in interface line :

    loading shortcut
    we can easily insert our own shortcut into DrPython

    dealing char
    which can be used to implement auto completion ,abbreviation, or some shortcut dealing.

    loading menu:
    we can easily insert our own menu into DrPython


    I can only think about these plug-in interfaces. What do you think about this idea?

    And in one plug-in module, we can implement the plug-in interfaces all or some, so as one plug-in module is loaded by DrPython, the menu and shotcut may be set perfectly and dealing code is mapped correctly also.

    • I think this is an excellent idea.
      I am adding it to the to do list.