HTML script contents

  • Peter Mayne
    Peter Mayne

    When I'm editing an HTML document, all of the contents of <script> tags is underlined with a green wavy line. Is there a way of disabling this?


    • No idea.

      I cannot seem to find the style the causes this.

      This may be a bug with stc (scintilla).

      Do you notice this with any other tags?

      What are the specs of your system?  (OS, Version, wxPython version, Python version).

      Have you tried downloading Scite?  Does that have the same problem?

    • In Scite, it seems to be ok.

      I have investigated this issue and found in scintilla
      list, that this indicator is built into the html lexer.

      If you insert after SetLexer
      self.IndicatorSetStyle (0,,
      then the indicator isn't shown anymore.

    • Peter Mayne
      Peter Mayne

      Yep, that works for me. Thanks.