Subversion plugin, anyone?

  • I think DrPython would greatly benefit if it had SVN capability... (Checking out a project/committing/synch/update/etc)... It would allow easier development of DrPython itself because changes could be committed it DrPython itself, and would allow me to switch over to DrPython from Eclipse+PyDev+Subclipse... Also I think there should be a Pylint plugin over PyChecker.

    Take care!

    • Hello Pol, thank you for your suggestion.
      Do you want to write it yourself? :)
      There is also a link to Workbench from Barry Scott:
      which is written in wxPython using pysvn, if this is helpful.

      Normally only the core program will be developed.

      For the DrPython in svn itself: I want to leave cvs along,
      because it is the last state of the "real" project admin Daniel.

      I tried to create a svn client, but until now it is not working.
      Maybe sourceforge must update itself.

      Would you have interest in developing DrPython itself and/or Plugins?

      best regards,

    • Until now, I do not have any experience in svn.
      The svn repository was created now.
      I downloaded tortoise svn and checked in the files.

    • I'm interested in SVN support because I maintain a project using Google Code Project Hosting.

      My main concern is having an application that has an integrated Python console, python editing (autocomplete/checking), and version control management.

      I've tried SPE, PIDA, Eric3 but they're not up to par with PyDev (Eclipse).

      My second concern is switching OFF of PyDev but still being able to maintain the same level of productivity... The reason for this is that I generally see it as a bloated piece of software, that happens to be written in Java.

      If I could use something written in Python as my main development tool, that would be great.  And DrPython seems simple / flexible enough to do the just.  If only it had SVN capabilities.

      I will look into checking out DrPython from SVN and see if there's a way to add a simple button to launch pysvn (WorkBench for Subversion, written in C++).  If I can do this then I will contact someone for authorization to commit to the DrPython SVN, or just send my changes manually.

      Either way thanks for the reply and your work on DrPython.

    • Well I was able to add a simple button without an icon to launch an arbitrary system command ('svn-workbench', which wouldn't work in windows)... by making the following modifications:



                  shortcutsArgumentsArray.append("frame, event")


              elif(ShortcutNames[x] == "pysvn"):



      return ["New", "Open", "Close", "Save", \

      append to the list: ,"pysvn"

      then, after:

      ToolBarIdList.append(AddandReturn(frame, bitmapFileArray, frame.ID_IMPORT_ALL, x))


      elif frame.ToolBarList[x] == "pysvn":
                      ToolBarIdList.append(AddandReturn(frame, bitmapFileArray, frame.ID_PYSVN, x))



      "End":frame.OnEnd, "Check Syntax":frame.OnCheckSyntax,



      in drpython:


      self.Bind(wx.EVT_TOOL, self.OnImportAll, id=self.ID_IMPORT_ALL)


      self.Bind(wx.EVT_TOOL, self.Onpysvn, id=self.ID_PYSVN)

      then, after:

      self.ID_IMPORT_ALL = self.GetNewId()


      self.ID_PYSVN = self.GetNewId()

      then, after:

      self.ShowMessage(self.txtDocument.GetFilename() + '\nPassed Syntax Check', 'Syntax Check Ok')


          def Onpysvn(self, event):

      But... I think I'm going to stick with Eclipse for now... I really need to worry about coding my project rather than coding the tools to develop them for now.  One quick quirk about DrPython is that you can't copy and paste using the middle button like on most apps.

      Anyway, take care.

    • Hello Pol, Your project looks quite interesting.

      Thank you for your high opinion about DrPython.

      The code completion needs improvement, no question.

      I updated the project help wanted with:

      b) Packager for DrPython (exe for windows und rpm or deb) wanted.

      c) Code completion is a central point in a Python editor.
      Our plugin needs improvment (faster finding, better recognition, possible split between derived classes, wildcard search, ...) and other useful features.

      Do you want to become a developer?
      I could add you an offer you a write access.

      With a plugin, it should be doable to add a button, menu and shortcut to launch workbench.

      If you are in hurry, of course stick to pydev for the time being.

      I will think about it, whether to add this into the core files or not (it will be a small change anyway).

      best regards,