File Format

  • What do folks think of the file format?

    Stick with Zip?  (Big, But Supported Everywhere).

    tar.gz?  (Smaller, should be supported everywhere).

    tar.bz2 (Smallest, It works on linux I know).

    • Hm, 380k or so, isn't such a big download.

      For what I saw in winmerge, they offer their downloads
      with 7z, which is considerable smaller then .zip
      and i had no problems unpacking it with the 7zip program.

    • I vote for the Zip, because of multi-platform support

      (In fact, I'd prefer tar.gz, but when xferring files to my customers I sometimes end with tgz files that can't be opened under the different windows unpackers, while they work fine with linux...)

      As Franz wrote, in my not so remote "analog modem" time I wouldn't have considered DrPython a "big" download