• First, apologies for not updating gnomefiles.  I forgot my password (Its somewhere on my home computer.... which has no monitor, and is not hooked up.  Not that it would help... on account of the "monitor" situation).

    This did not address all outstanding tracker items.  However it nailed a few of them, and also got so critical bugs fixed.  DrPython no longer goes crazy if you try to change the view too many times in the file dialog.  It also plays nice if you click a new prompt really fast as many times as you can.  And it handles autoindent/indentation in a sane way.  It no longer tries to take control.

    I would like to formally announce my new job.
    I now work for Siteworx (www.siteworx.com).
    I do a little javascript, a little xsl, maybe even a little css.  I also jam in Zope.  (we do mildly crazy zope stuff here).

    I would like to thank these folks for quite a lot.  3.10.13 was developed on my work computer, and uploaded at work.  This release would not exist without their support, so huge thanks.

    • Thanks, this version looks stable.
      Glad to hear from you, your new company, you work,
      supports also the development of drpy,

      • DavyMitchell

        Thanks Dan - 13 looks good.

        Now that my website is back online I hope to update the windows installer and release a verion of the bundle (includes DrPython, wx, pyxml, pytts and more)

        But busy with new baby so who knows :-) !!

        Take care,

    • ajikoe


      I just tried drpython 3.10.13.
      python 2.4.1
      xp pro

      I found some problem with it:
      1. if I open help about it said:
      pythonw error: failed to display html document in utf-8 encoding

      2. codecompletion:
      it is not work for my own module, works only python built in module

      Best Regards,

      • for 1)

        yes, I have also seen this, but I found it to "less" to report
        about this :)

        2) ok, I have discussed in a more common way about
        Code completition in the wxPython user mailing list, how it is "ideal", and I'm going to write a wxPython wiki page about it, for what I imagine an optimal code completion ;)

        And most important:
        best regards to Dan, still good luck ;)

    • The utf encoding issue is fixed for the next release.
      That was a foolish mistake in the script that generates the documentation.