• Basically this is a whole lotta bugfixin in GoTo Block.

    It should work fine now, and handle all possible situations
    (explicitly or implicitly joined lines, quoted strings, comments, etc).

    Also some minor bugfixes in the prompt, and opening files.
    (Open Imported Module finally checks to see if the target module is already open).

    • Hello,

      In Edit plugin source (def EditPlugin in drPluginMenu), there should be a "alreadyopen check", too.

      A disfigurment: At the beginning, I found it confusing,
      that all paths are in unix format with forward slashes
      on windows. I'm used to it now, no problem.
      But if I add a bookmark, it is again displayed
      as c:\DrPython\....


      Line 143 in drBookmarksdialog.py:
      currentItem = self.datatree.AppendItem(sel, d.GetPath().replace("\\", "/"))

      For Statustext:
      There is a "Update Indentation" option.
      A "Update Line endings" option would also be nice.