• Some bugfixes in various things (lots of reports from Franz), and the feature request.

    On the feature request, I had finished applying the request myself, and went online to check it out.
    Apparently Franz found the same fix (well, almost the same, bit different).  Given that I had already added the fix, I did not give Franz credit in the docs, but I would like to thank him here.  Even though I did not use his fix, I very well could have.

    In any case, it removes a 'feature' hard-wired into scintilla that I (and Franz, and the fellow who submitted the request, and, juding from wxpython maling lists), many other people find VERY annoying.

    So if you are trying to disable drag and drop of text in the styled text control (wx.stc), then OnLeftDown, if the user clicks in the selection, set the selection to (currentposition, currentposition).

    That takes care of that.

    • Oops:

      Now sets document to already open file instead of warning user.  (Bug-Report/Feature Request, Franz Steinhausler)
      Normalizes filenames in drag and drop (Bug-Report, Thanks Franz Steinhausler)

      These should both be:

      Bug-Report with Fix.

    • Hi Dan,

      do not make yourself to much stress with the
      bug-reports with/without fix, feature request with
      bug fix, ... ;)

      I appreciate, that you mention all people really
      accurate, who contribute to this project.

    • :)  No stress, just wanted to make sure I highlighted your contribution.