display of multiple files

  • when I have three panel display a (code browser, file 1, file 2), sliding the windows left and right do not work as expected.  For example, if I drag the first boundary between the first two panels to the left, it bounces back to the right and shrinks the middle panel.  Obviously I'm missing something.  It reproduces  very easily.

    wxPython Version:

    wxPython Platform: wxMSW, ansi, wx-assertions-on, SWIG-1.3.29

    Python Version: 2.4.3.final

    Python Platform: win32

    • You mean, the class browser, and the file panel is split. (2 files are side by side).
      I watched and saw, yes sometime, the panel laps back to the midle.
      I will add a bug report about that.