Technical Hiatus

  • So I decided to give Yoper a whirl.

    And, just like Mandrake 10.0, it seemed to ignore the partition with my user data on it.

    This time, I said "meh", and proceeded to install regardless.


    So anyway, I am having fun trying to recover a lost partition.  This delightful side trip seems to be taking a bit longer than expected.

    The 3.7.x branch of drpython is backed up (the website code is not), so at least the program itself is fine as is.  (Plugins are fine too, although my copies of developer plugins are, along with the website code, in the deleted partition.)

    On the plus side, Yoper is very fast, Sax is an unbelievably cool tool, and it recognized nvidia immediately.

    I guess I was so excited my computer was still working, and so eager to experience yoper, I got a bit ahead of myself.

    I should be back to drpy soon (I am optimistic about the data recovery).


    • Fixed.  I was able to recover it all.

    • RunLevelZero

      Good to hear... I hate it when that happens...  I lost 120 gigs that way.  I was steaming.  I have to ask it.  Have you used, and I mean really used, Debian?  It's my favorite and Slackware is second but just thought I would ask.

    • Well, I have tried:

      Gentoo, Debian, Redhat, Mandrake, Libranet, and Stormix, and now, Yoper.

      I have to say each one has its delights, and its quirks.
      I am looking closely at ubuntu and mepis, although yoper was simply to suggestive not to try, as the speed promise sounded rather neat.

      Its partitioning stage needs a bit of work ;)
      I am still playing around with it a bit, getting used to it.  I've got wxPython GTK up and running fine, and gimp, so things should be smoothish.

      If someone could mix the out of the box support of mandrake, nvidia support of of the box (yoper), speed (yoper), and a debian base, you would have the ultimate distro.  Apt-Get is nice, but is really a combination of deb packages and (more importantly) the manner in which packages are added that make debian so solid.  wxPython 2.5.x has only recently made it into unstable! (and drpy 3.x with it).

      I have never tried slackware, as the default package selection has always turned me off, despite the excellent reviews.

      I usually end up gravitating between something debian based and mandrake, depending on how much time I want to spend tinkering with the system itself, and what I am using my computer for primarily.

    • RunLevelZero

      Right on.  Good Yoping and I know I've said it many times but thanks again for your hard work and dedication.  And to everyone else that contributes as well.

    • Quite a few delays there :)

      Well, yoper was fun, but I decided (since I had reformatted anyway, (from ext3 to reiser), why not give mandrake 10.1 a whirl?

      I can't type with all this drool on my keyboard.

      You see, after yoper told me I could not run halt as a normal user, I decided that (along with .XAuthority fun) and other little quirks, it was time to move on.
      Fun distro though (lots of potential).

      Anyway, thanks for the thanks runlevelzero.

      (Btw, anyone using mandrake and nvidia should make sure to add 'nvidia' to '/etc/modeprobe.preload', if it is not already there after installing the module.)

      I should have a 3.7.6 release soon.