• Say, just a thought, anyone want to go over to freshmeat and give this project a rating?  There is just this one rating of 8.43, which someone left (without comment!  I have no idea what they liked, and what they didn't.  And why not 8.5, or 8?)  Why the .43?  It is such an odd rating?


    If you do, please leave a comment.


    1.  Slow as a fatty whale on GTK2, and GTK is fugly.
    2.  I can extend it in python.
    3.  Purty Icons.
    4.  When I try to Find Next, it slaps me in the face with my monitor (and I have a 17 inch CRT)....


    • Done
      I wonder how the "weighting" is done ? The first unknown voter gave a 10/10 vote, which translated into 8.43 "weighted". Then after I added my 10/10 vote, it still says 8.43 !!!

      Well if (10 x 2) / 2 = 8.43 probably they don't use Python ?

      Let's see how it evolves with further votes

    • Gotcha.  I saw the formula.  How terribly curious of them.

      Anyway, thanks for the 10!