DROID 4.0 Released

The National Archives has released the very latest version of DROID, DROID 4.0. Enhanced by the National Archives in support of the Planets project, (Preservation and Long-term Access through Networked Services, see, http://www.planets-project.eu/\). The automatic file format identification tool is freely available to download from the DROID project website (http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=160809&package_id=180966).

The focus of the latest major release is the inclusion of the DCS (Digital Continuity Service) and Planets, Collection Profiler.

DROID now runs in two modes. The original file identification mode, and the new “profile” mode that allows users to obtain file format information gathered from large distributed sources of digital files, providing users with aggregated statistical data and reports to help them take appropriate management decisions regarding risk associated with such large collections of files.

Posted by Ross Spencer 2009-06-09