#264 eclipse plugin doesn't reload classes



I noticed that even if I change a class or method, the
eclipse interactions pane doesn't load the updated
version, I have to reinitialize the interactions.

Can this be improved ?


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    The semantics of the Java Virtual Machine dictate that
    classes are loaded only once. The only way to "reload a
    class" is to use a new class loader which creates a new
    version of the class. But the old version does NOT go away.
    Moreover, existing instances of the old version of the
    class do not have any connection with the new version of the
    class and will not interoperate with it. Neither version of
    the class is a subtype of the other so dynamic dispatch with
    respect to either class type will break on intances of the
    other class. There is perhaps no worse semantic nightmare
    in Java than executing a program with multiple versions of
    the same class created through the use of multiple class

    The only semantically tractable way to deal with revisions
    to classes that have already been loaded into the
    interactions pane is to reset the interactions pane. The
    reset operation kills the existing slave JVM used to execute
    interactions and starts a new slave JVM.

    From the perspective of interactive program evaluation, the
    incremental recompilation model used in Eclipse is a BAD
    idea. The native DrJava environment does not and WILL NOT
    perform incremental recompilation for this reason.

  • James Sasitorn
    James Sasitorn

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    How about adding a keyword "reset" that gets recognized in
    the Interactions Pane, so that the new classes can be
    loaded, and the old ones thrown away? I.e. starting a new
    JVM? It's no big deal, it's just annoying to start a new
    interactions pane all the time.