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#615 Interactions Terminated by System.exit(3)


I just downloaded DrJava and the latest Sun sdk 1.6.0_03. I'm trying to run DrJava on a box with Windows Vista, so this issue could be entirely Vista related for all I know. When I open DrJava, a popup window appears telling me that: "The Interactions window was terminated by a call to System.exit(3). The Interactions window will now be restarted." This window just keeps popping up over and over again, every 2 seconds or so. I cannot get any of my source files to load. I really don't know what's causing the problem since I haven't had any issues running the program on my laptop which uses Windows 2000.


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    We do not have a Windows Vista machine in our research group. I just downloaded JDK 1.6.0_03 on a Windows XP desktop and successfully ran DrJava without any problems so the problem could definitely be Vista related. But I know that many users are successfully running DrJava on machines running Vista. DrJava uses RMI to communicate between the master JVM and the slave JVM (which runs the interpreter for the interactions window). The root class in the slave JVM is failing when it tries to start the slave JVM and register the save JVM with the master JVM. I don't know why. Have you tried rolling back to update 2 of the Java 6 JDK?

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    my windows XP also shares this problem.

  • Mathias Ricken
    Mathias Ricken

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    I suspect the "System.exit(3);" is executed in SlaveJVMRunner.java, line 192 (r4308):

    catch (Exception e) {
    // Couldn't instantiate the slave.
    _log.log("SlaveJVMRunner could not instantiate and start slave class '" + slave + "'. Threw exception: " + e);
    try {
    // Try to show the error properly, through the master
    catch (RemoteException re) {
    // Couldn't show the error properly, so use another approach
    String msg = "SlaveJVMRunner could not instantiate and register the slave.\n" +
    " Also failed to display error through master JVM, because:\n" +
    StringOps.getStackTrace(re) + "\n";
    _showErrorMessage(msg, e);