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Drivel 3.0.3

Minor update to fix a Glade glitch affecting the toolbar and retain some debugging variables despite changes in gcc-4.6

Posted by Neil Williams 2011-05-07

Drivel 2.0.4

After a very long wait, drivel has an updated stable release, a basic refresh, update and tidy-up of the 2.0.3 codebase in preparation for restarting the main work on the 2.1.x trunk.

Drivel 2.0.4 ("Alive again")

* Improvements:
- Add current patches from Debian and Ubuntu
- Add patches from bugzilla that have accumulated since 2.0.3
- New member of upstream team: Neil Williams <>
- Add tag support for LiveJournal. Closes #307967... read more

Posted by Neil Williams 2009-04-17

SVN has moved back to SF

After quite a long break, drivel has moved back to subversion at SourceForge and a new member has joined the upstream team (codehelpgpg - Neil Williams).

Translations are one of the first updates - all the PO files in were outdated. Debian and Ubuntu patches are being incorporated upstream and the bugtracker at will be getting some work soon too.

Posted by Neil Williams 2009-04-02

CVS has moved to!

Drivel has moved onto More information about GNOME's CVS can be found on

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2004-02-26

Drivel 0.9.2

Drivel 0.9.2 has been released with several bug fixes for issues discovered over the past several months. This release is free of known bugs, so please report any issues you encounter.

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2003-12-02

Drivel isn't dead! Version 0.8.2 is ready!

Between 0.8.1 and 0.8.2, Drivel has seen some nice updates. Unicode support now functions correctly, the interface nicely matches the GNOME guidelines, the journal window remembers its size and position, and a status tray icon has been added with support for checking your friends page for updates. W00t indeed!

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2003-01-21

it is released

drivel 0.4.0 is out and ready for public bug-hunting! this is the first release of the gnome-based code, so i expect some rather nasty critters are hiding in it. still, it works for me without trouble, so give it a try.

note: drivel requires gnome-2 beta 1 or higher. get gnome at!

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2002-04-03

we're moving to gnome!

well, in the nine months since the last release of drivel, i've completely ceased using microsoft windows as my desktop operating system--needless to say, this makes development of a win32 version of drivel a tad impracticle. however, with the release of gtk-2.0 and the upcomming gnome-2.0 desktop, i've decided to port drivel to linux. more information to follow...

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2002-03-20

waiting on gtk-2.0

after much work trying in vain to make the current gtk text widget play nice on win32 systems, i've decided to put this project on hold until gtk-2.0 is released. in theory it will provide an offical win32 port in contrast to gtk-1.2's hacked version--it supports most of gtk's features, but it's bloated and buggy. there's an api freeze planned for gtk-2.0 soon, and when that happens i'll start trying to compile the cvs versions for windows and hopefully get back on track here. see you then...

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2001-07-16

ideas wanted

hi folks. i'm actively hacking on drivel again and would like to map out a list of features to include. if there's anything in particular you want to see, let me know now so i can think about it. i want drivel to be the 'different' livejournal client, the obviously un-offical, anti-corporate software for using your journal. help me out :)

Posted by Todd Kulesza 2001-06-22