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Drivel 2.0.4

After a very long wait, drivel has an updated stable release, a basic refresh, update and tidy-up of the 2.0.3 codebase in preparation for restarting the main work on the 2.1.x trunk.

Drivel 2.0.4 ("Alive again")

* Improvements:
- Add current patches from Debian and Ubuntu
- Add patches from bugzilla that have accumulated since 2.0.3
- New member of upstream team: Neil Williams <>
- Add tag support for LiveJournal. Closes #307967

* Translation updates:
- Added Italian translation (Vincenzo Campanella)
- Updated Germann translation (Mario Blättermann)
- Updated Portuguese translation. (Américo Monteiro)
- Updated Canadian English translation. (Adam Weinberger)
- Updated Nepali translation. (Basanta shrestha)
- Updated Portuguese translation. (Miguel Figueiredo)
- Updated Russian translation. (Yuri Kozlov)

Posted by Neil Williams 2009-04-17