Put your CD-ROM drive to use!

Using advanced data compression technology, we have developed a CD-ROM that offers you over three-thousand of the some of the best pieces of literature and reference materials of all time for less than the cost of one hardcover book!

Plus, using the latest in text-to-speech technology, we have enabled a way for your computer to read these texts aloud through your speakers with the click of a button!

The collection includes the complete works of Shakespeare, Doyle, Wells, Jules Verne, and hundreds of other classical authors. This CD is also filled with reference materials like the CIA Factbooks, hundreds of historical documents, and even a few math constants like Pi calculated out to thousands of decimal places...

Please visit our website for a complete list of the contents!

We stand by our product with a satisfaction guarantee and urge you to try this product for yourself and join the ranks of our thousands of satisfied customers.

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Since this product is so new and original, this method of marketing was the best way to reach as many students, teachers, and book-lovers as possible so that they could benefit from this technology!
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