I was wondering if anyone knows when proper support would be in place for the widescreen modes for the intel 945GM chipset? I can run the 2d stuff just fine (I haven't bothered going to the modesetting driver, but have been using the 915resolution bios hack). When I do anything 3d, I get back (I'm sure you've seen this one before)

"Driver claims to not support visual 0x5b"

I am running Ubuntu Edgy Eft, up to date packages. Also, I have had some odd experiences with Wine under this card, as when OpenGL will start in a version (various versions will and won't start 3D acceleration) it doesn't work properly, it seems like the rendering is zoomed too far in, or centered in the wrong spot, either way, you see some of the textures, and its pretty much garbage.

Any help, or ideas for something else to try (even if its just knowledge that a future release will handle this) would be  appreciated.

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