Is it at all likely that ATI will release the specs of the Xpress chips?

I'll give the reverse-engineering methods some testing in a little while, once I have some time on my hands.

Should I try all the tools listed on that page, or just certain specific ones?

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On 10/6/07, Alex Deucher <> wrote:
On 10/5/07, Chris Jacques <> wrote:
> Ok, is there anything I can do help in order to get it working?
> I'm guessing that it would take a lot of work to get it running, and I would
> guess that this is the reason that is not working now. Am I correct?
> I would like to help if anybody requires hardware testing.
> Thank you very much for reporting information on the status of the driver.

If 3D works at all on your laptop, then it's just a matter of fixing
the 3D driver (although easier said than done).  If it doesn't (some
XPRESS chips don't function at all when 3D is enabled), you've got a
lot more work ahead of you.  IIRC, when using compiz on XPRESS chips
the textures are scaled incorrectly.  If you have a regular r300/r400
chip you can simulate this behavior by disabling tcl.  You'd just need
to sort out what's happening and fix it.  if compiz works on XPRESS
chips with fglrx, you can probably reverse engineer what additional
state it need to work.  See this page for more information:
Either that or wait for ati to release information about the XPRESS chips.


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