I'd like to move to v6.9 of X.org so that I have full source for all the components (esp i810_drv & i915_dri).
Unfortunately I'm required to stay at kernel 2.6.5 (FC2).
Is this possible?  I tried building and installing 6.9, but it fell back to s/w rendering (with no real info in the log - no EE's, the usual WW's about bad V_BIOS checksum, etc.).
The latest DRI snapshot produces an i915.ko that appears to require the drm.ko, which insmod won't, well, insmod.  I get an insufficient memory error.  I suspect it's not happy about my agpgart/intel-agp ko's being horribly old (12/2004 date on the agpgart).  The i915.ko I use now with 6.8.2 does not require drm.ko.
I've had great results with 6.8.2 and the DRI so far, I'm just trying to stay current enough to be able to get updates.