When my Linux box boots, and I run glxinfo, it reports Direct Rendering as "no".
But, if I log in as root, and type:
/sbin/insmod agpgart agp_try_unsupported=1
/sbin/insmod r128
It loads those two kernel modules and, after logging off and back on, glxinfo reports Direct Rendering as "yes".
First Question: How do I set it up so that I don't have to type that?
Second Question: So, is that all I need to do to run 3D accelerated games? Just get DRI to say yes? Why won't Unreal Tournament work? Should I try Quake 3 or something to double check? Is there still a problem?
Third Question: What OpenGL library is it linked to/does it need to be linked to? Does RH 7.1 come with the correct OGL library?
BTW, whoever makes agp gart needs to have it automatically do the agp_try_unsupported option if the module won't load.
I hope somebody out there can help me. How can I check and see if my accelerator works?
- Chris Thielen
" Peace, Love, 'n Linux."