I have found something disterbing about DRI and was hoping you would be able to give a solution.
It turns out, through recent QuakeForge changes, the DRI is faster in multipass rendering than with multitexture (mtex) rendering. The same method, and with no alteration to the code, with nVidia drivers in linux shows mtex is faster.
It was also shown that mtex rendering was faster in windows with the same code than multipass using ATI catalyst drivers, and for nVidia, with the difference being from 10 to 30% performance improvement overall with multitexture compaired with multipass rendering. This test was done showing consistant results with several machines, multiple runs, and same process runs (switching mtex of and on in the same process).  This was also seen in linux for nVidia.
Can you please suggest anything that could improve performance in DRI so that multitexture is faster than multipass as seen with nVidia in linux, and nVidia and ATI in windows.
Thanks in advance
Chris Ison