I was just wondering if someone has tried to do some reverse engineering on the windows display drivers for the Radeon IGP320/340. As far as I understand the IGP320/340 is based on the Radeon 7000 (R100)? I'm not a display driver developer, but doesn't this mean that apart from some differences in the interface to the chipset a DRI driver for the IGP chipset would be largely the same as the 7000 driver? I noticed that the Windows drivers are universal (there's one driver dll for all R100 based cards), so maybe it would be possible to disassemble it to find the code that detects the chipset and sets up the hooks to address it and to find the differences with the 7000 chips?
If this would be feasible, I'd be happy to spend some work on it. Not that I pretend to be able to code a working 3D driver, but if it turns out the existing 7000 driver could handle 3D on the IGP320/340 with minor modifications I might be able to get something to work.
I would really, REALLY like to have 3D support under linux on my brand new laptop ;-) I already inquired ATI about linux support, but I don't have the impression they are very willing to provide chipset specs...
        Wouter Bijlsma,