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#405 G400: Lockup when AGP 2X mode is used

Ian Romanick
Vesa Halttunen

When "AGPMode" "2" is defined heavy OpenGL apps (like
games) freeze the system after running for a while. In
1X mode I haven't had problems. When this happens the
display freezes and the sound card (SB Live) keeps
playing the same sound buffer over and over again.

I have an ABit BE6-II, G400 Dualhead 32MB, SB Live
Player and Celeron 2. I used to have an ABit BE6 and
Celeron 1 and I had the same problems. Currently I'm
running XFree86 4.2.0 on Linux 2.4.17 but I've seen
this since I first installed a DRI-enabled XFree86 in
2000. Actually I've had exactly the same symptoms in
Windows as well when using 2X AGP so probably this is a
hardware problem with my configuration.

Does anyone know why this happens and can it be fixed
somehow? IF this is a HW problem this bug really
doesn't belong here but if anyone knows anything about
this, share your knowledge so the solution may be added
in documentation somewhere.


  • Ian Romanick
    Ian Romanick

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  • Ian Romanick
    Ian Romanick

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    Duplicate of #546281.